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Style Your Online Scheduling System


Published August 1, 2021

Written By Nate Lattimer

Chief Operating Officer

Need to style your online scheduling system? Want to book more customers and fill your team’s schedules without compromising on style and brand?

In today’s increasingly virtual world, people rarely want to pick up the phone until they’re ready. They want to take action when the timing’s right for them.. That’s why online booking software is the linchpin to to your suite of systems.

You’ve worked hard to create a brand, built a strong website, and pained over the updates to the copy to make your product alluring.  Everything finally flows like it should. Until they click “Book Now” or “Schedule a Demo” or “Talk to a Rep”. All of a sudden, your customer sees another brand, another logo, and an online scheduling system not consistent with your brand. It doesn’t feel like the site they were visiting.

What if you could find a powerful, highly customizable booking platform that felt like an organic part of your website?  Periodic’s scheduling system fits that bill.

From the first onboarding call, our team will walk you through the options that will make your booking site feel like a natural extension of your website and brand. You’ll be able to choose or use your existing domain, decide if you want the booking embedded or a separate page on your site, and apply your carefully crafted style guide to our platform. Select the colors, fonts, shapes, and options that will elevate the online booking experience. We will customize your booking site to drive more appointments.

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