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How to Add Booking Links


Published September 2, 2021

Written By Nate Lattimer

Chief Operating Officer

When you’ve decided to make “Book Now!” your CTA, the next question is almost always whether or not to embed that experience into your website. You understand how important it is to engage your visitors in a way that will lead to a booked appointment. But what’s the best way to do that? How will you add booking links on your website?

Embedding Booking Links

Embedding a booking link into your website carries significant advantages when it comes to converting visitors into booked calls, demos or estimates. Directing a first time visitor to another page can cause confusion and take away from the experience your team has carefully crafted on your marketing site. So why not make appointment scheduling  both easy and look organic on your existing website?

Potential Drawbacks with Embedded Booking Links

  • Customers can easily scroll past the calendar
  • Busy websites make the booking CTA less actionable

Redirecting to a Booking Site

But what if you want to customize the booking experience in greater detail than just throwing a bookable calendar on your existing website? You can do that too! And in some cases, it’s a better option than an embedded booking link.

Think about it. If the only goal is to direct your visitors to the booking CTA, then pushing them to another page that is built to book might be the better option.

Potential Drawbacks with Booking Sites

  • Pop-ups and redirects are less accessible
  • Moving visitors to various tabs takes them away from the rest of your content

Create a Booking Site that Embeds

Why choose? Or why not offer both? Periodic allows you to embed booking links in existing websites just as easily as spinning up a dedicated link. Our easy to use builder will let you customize the logos, colors, fonts, and entire CSS stylesheet. A/B testing will eventually prove whether the embed or dedicated booking site journey is best for your customer base. And with Periodic, it’s easy and at no extra cost or step to do both.