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What Is An Online Booking System?

Power your business with custom booking

Using an online booking system can have a huge impact on how your company runs.

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What is an Online Booking System?

An online booking system is a cloud based way for you to accept online reservations and manage all time-based aspects of your appointments including:

  • Custom Scheduling Availability
  • Resource Dependence
  • Calendar Syncing

If you’re in the hunt for online booking software you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of back and forth communications just to set up an initial appointment or call. Using an online booking system can help alleviate the pains of traditional scheduling methods.

Benefits of Online Scheduling 

Online scheduling can have many different benefits depending on your industry. While time savings is an obvious benefit, there are many other ways that having an online system to handle appointments and reservations can help your business. Here are some reasons your company can benefit from having an online scheduling system:


Quick Setup

With an online booking system, you can get started taking reservations quickly, in fact, you can have a booking site up and running in minutes.

Save Time

Any time you don’t spend fielding phone calls or emails is time better spent elsewhere. What you choose to do with this extra time is up to you.

Increase Conversion Rate

Less friction tends to lead to a higher conversion rate. Allowing customers to book online removes your team from the process, resulting in more conversions, and revenue for your company.


Unlike employees, booking systems are always available for your customers. And, because they sync with your google calendar and other major platforms, you can be sure you’re always available too.

Polished product

Your company provides a great experience for your customers. Using a third party for booking pages and sites can ensure your customers have the experience that they’ve come accustomed to.

New Customers

If you’re handling all of your scheduling manually, it’s easy to lose lose customers through the cracks. Using an online system to handle reservations can help your company to remove initial friction and land more customers.

Who Uses a Booking System?

Using an online booking system can help boost your lead volume and conversion rate. Whether your company is small or large it’s possible to take advantage of all of the benefits of online booking software to help your company grow.

Business Size

Your company size shouldn’t limit your ability to schedule appointments online. Here’s some reasons any company size can use an online reservation system: 


 You don’t have time for steep learning curves or complex integrations or the ability to build something new. You need something that works out of the box, but still has the features necessary for when you grow.

Small Business

Your business is growing, but you can’t quite afford enterprise software. We don’t think that should keep you from reaping the benefits of booking directly with your customers in real time.


You need more complex software with customizable workflows and integrations to help your company run. As a bonus, you want to use white label booking software with your name on it to help win over clients.


So many examples! In fact, you could argue most industries can benefit in some way from online scheduling software. Here are some of the most common industries and how online scheduling software delivers better results than just phone, email, or forms.


Accelerate your sales process with instant booking for test drives and consultations


Schedule employees and create completely customizable workflows for your salon or spa business


Supercharge your leasing, maintenence, and ammenity reservations 

Higher Education

Just one system can handle all your scheduling needs such as adviser meetings, interviews, campus tours, or room reservations


Manage reservations for inspections, facilities, or office hours


Schedule initial appointments, follow ups, billing, and payments for your customers


Manage your tour operations using online scheduling software

Ground Transportation

Accept reservations and payments online – even after operating hours

Wealth Management

Create custom workflows to book consultations, assessments, and follow up

Digital Agencies

We’ll work with your company to provide a solution for your customers 


Re-brand and resell our technology to your customers

Essential Features

No matter what industry you operate in, these features are essential options when considering an online booking system:

Accept Payments

Accepting credit card payments online is becoming the norm for businesses. Offering your customers a way to pay online is now becoming essential to stay competitive.


White Label

Whether you’re a small or large company, you want your customers to remember your brand. Placing your brand on our software can help your company increase its brand visibility and your customers’ loyalty.


Send Notifications

Nobody likes a no-show, but it’s easy to forget about an appointment. Whether it’s through email or SMS messages, it’s essential for you to be able to remind customers about upcoming appointments the way the way they need to be reached.

Mobile Friendly

The internet is over 50% mobile traffic and growing. If you’re not mobile friendly, you’re significantly reducing the number of customers you can reach. With a mobile-optimized booking solution, you’re giving your customers the experience that they’ve come to expect.

Integrates With Everything

Integrate with thousands of third party apps via web hook and API. Integrate Periodic features directly into your web application via our API. Use our direct integrations, webhooks, or API to build your custom scheduling app!


Expert Support

Choosing a third party means that you don’t have to dedicate resources to fix problems when they come up. If you have questions, you can simply contact support. If there’s larger technical issues that come up, you don’t need to provide any developer resources to fix the problem.