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Scheduling API and Scalable Booking Engine


Published September 15, 2021
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Written By Nate Lattimer

Chief Operating Officer

Integrating with an online booking system can be easy with Periodic’s scheduling API and scalable booking engine. Have you ever wanted the simplicity of Calendly built to your complex needs?

Our documentation will guide you through the structure of our scalable booking engine to allow you to roll out a booking solution to thousands of end-users and locations, using an unlimited number of booking links. And since we already integrate with (basically) any CRM, using our docs to build to your need also means you can get every booking into your existing system. By using our API you won’t have to retrain your team on a new booking tool.

Periodic’s API Reference

It’s easy to create a full functional booking system with our off-the-shelf interfaces alone, but our API allows you to further customize and extend your system’s functionality. While the possibilities are endless, a few of the most common uses for our API include:
  • Supplement or replace white label interfaces with your own custom interfaces
  • Integrate scheduling controls within another application dashboard
  • Create custom mobile applications
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Provision new booking sites/links on-the-fly
  • Provision new service provider or customer accounts on-the-fly
  • Retrieve data to populate CRM or ERP systems

Access Your Marketplace API Docs

If you’re an existing user or Marketplace Admin, your docs can be found by adding a /rpc at the end of your Dashboard login page URL. That way, you can easily generate a JWT Web Token.



As you can tell, our API docs are developer friendly (queue the dark mode). Using Periodic’s scheduling API and scalable booking engine allows you to build according to your requirements and brand. White label scheduling has never been easier.