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Build a White Label Calendly with Periodic


Published August 18, 2021

Written By Nate Lattimer

Chief Operating Officer

Do you need to build a white label Calendly?

The majority of our customers come knocking because they answer that with a resounding “YES”.

Booking at Your Domain

Custom Domain

White labeling begins with the ability to schedule at your domain. Calendly begins a simple scheduling experience by throwing your company’s name at the end of their domain, and ends with advertising to everyone who books. Our customers build a custom booking experience on whatever domain they choose with the ability to build custom links per location or calendar. This means you promote and elevate YOUR brand with every reservation.


Complete UI Control


Integrated white label booking site

You can only consider something “white labeled” if it is your brand visible to users, not ours. That’s where our UI editor comes into play. Our platform allows our team (or your in-house designer or front-end engineer) to edit the UI for the booking experience on the fly without any kind of delay. Having this kind of control is crucial to tailoring your customer’s experience. You can fine-tune each step to ensure you have a frictionless experience and convert the way you expect to. You can also use our API driven platform to build a completely customized booking solution within your site or app.


Notifications and Reminders


Custom Notifications and Automation

While there are many services that allow you to send an email after scheduling, Periodic gives you the ability fire notifications and reminders automatically through the platform. You can also style it to your brand with support for full HTML templates and dynamic message variables. You can use the details from your customer’s reservation right inside your custom emails to perfectly craft your messaging. Brand EVERY part of the booking experience, send reminders, and allow easy rescheduling should the need arise.


Integrated in Your App or Site


Embedded Booking Link

So, why draw your users away from your website or app? Integrating a customized, white label booking platform without having the build one from scratch is why we process thousands of appointments/month. Our existing integrations allow you to drop booking links into your ecosystem with practically any CRM or automation platform. Very simply – we allow your customers to book without getting redirected somewhere else. Get started building your white label calendly today.