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Brand Matters When Booking


Published June 17, 2021
brand matters when booking with customers

Written By Nate Lattimer

Chief Operating Officer

Brand Matters.

Periodic is a design business because brand matters when booking with customers. We design a branded and integrated experience for every user creating and managing a booking. We understand that no two organizations are the same and embody, through the customization process, a holistic approach to solve automated booking problems.

For a lot of our agencies, it’s all about creating more leads, jobs, or revenue for clients in a way that separates them from competing agencies. Customer churn is a huge factor when the majority of work is project-based. For our SaaS partners, it’s finding an integrated, custom solution that doesn’t cost millions of dollars or take 12-18 months to build. They need something at scale for hundreds of locations or thousands of users without a degraded or diluted experience.

It takes a holistic approach to solve these puzzles.

*Enter Periodic

What separates us from our competitors is the ability to power both complex and simple scheduling requirements in a single platform. The features and settings allow you to customize your booking and scheduling solution to fit your organization’s needs.

However, design and UX are just as important as what goes on behind the scenes. We are committed to powering your organization’s white label scheduling and time management without compromising your branding. Your brand and vision. Our booking engine and time management platform. That’s how we build incredible experiences at scale.



The Customer Experience

The quality of the customer experience can’t be understated. If you question that, check out our conversation with Jay Baer – the New York Times best-selling author and CX expert. For better or worse, it’s usually in the customer experience and branding where you separate from competing business. Here are a few of the ways that you can customize your organization’s branding right off of the bat:

  • Logo and color branding for the entire marketplace
  • Optional logos per location or individual provider
  • Customizable terminology and vocabulary settings
  • Markdown support in almost every field



The Admin Experience

Since Periodic is white label scheduling, you will never see the Periodic name or logo in the booking system. Take RinseHouse for example. As white label specialists, our dashboard is designed to be custom fitted and tailored to each unique client, because your brand matters when booking.

Many of these changes can be enacted from the Marketplace settings. As you can see above, you can add your organization’s logo and customize the Dashboard message to display. This keeps the dashboard and platform on theme for every user.

Our team takes pride in being industry agnostic and applicable to any use case. Connect with our team and learn more about how you can reinvigorate your branding and supercharge your scheduling.