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Retail Innovation that Informs Buying Behavior


Published March 9, 2016

Written By Brad Wisler

Brad Wisler is the Co-founder and CEO of Periodic. He is a long-time entrepreneur and investor with decades of experience in SaaS and online transactions.

Retailers are adopting new technology standards to strengthen their knowledge of the customer. These insights create new opportunities for engagement and empower employees. Platforms like Periodic are specifically tailored to deliver omni-channel engagement that captures leads, builds knowledge, and strengthens the customer journey. The result is a solution that enables the kind of consistent customer experience that build long-term relationships.

Using technology to know your customer, eliminate administrative overhead

Ensuring the right staff members are available when valued customers enter the store is critical to delivering a positive experience. One way to do this is to bridge the gap between in-store and online experiences. We all prepare for meetings. Imagine if in-store employees could do the same. By letting the client select desired services online, and the exact time and date of an in-store booking, retailers are positioned to delight the customer.

It’s not enough to be always on. Your service availability has to be real, too.

For retailers to be competitive in a world of on-demand services, they need to reach their customers where they are. Customers expect retailers to operate 24/7 even when the doors are locked. They require an immediate guarantee of obtaining services. An online booking system like Periodic makes your most precious resource, time, available for reservation when the customer needs you most. Booking instantly online instills customer confidence that the services they need are on the way.

Retailers are innovating like never before through connected stores and digital engagement geared around the shopper. By offering online booking, retailers can capture its time-based inventory, and maximize the opportunity to connect people with the services they need.