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Connecting Students With Their Educators

Streamline Coordination With Our Department Wide Booking Platform

Instant Booking for Lab Time, Office Hours, and more!

Periodic powers sophisticated higher education scheduling systems. We’ve created custom scheduling software to serve students and professors.

Safely Manage Lab Times & Meetings

With virtual learning there is both an opportunity and a challenge. While more students may have the ability to fit in schooling at any stage of life without disrupting critical choices, certain educational programs require the use of expensive equipment or use of lab space that can only be managed in person. That’s where Periodic can bridge the gap!

Manage Meeting Schedules

Schedule office hours and advising appointments factoring multiple calendars

Easy to Administer

Give your department the ability to manage their respective bookings


Automate and simplify scheduling by attaching your calendar

Special Events

Create one-time events and sign-ups with the ability to limit capacity


Send reminders over email or text to keep everyone in the loop


Powerful integrations mean that Periodic can work within your current system

Read how Smith College safely schedules lab time with their state of the art lab equipment, all while tracking its usage for maintenance.