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Design A Beautiful Web Experience

A beautiful web experience is clear, appealing, and fast.

The navigation must be easy to understand and tell you where you need to go based on who you are and why you need to go there.

The design has to be well laid out, easy to read, and provide visual context with graphics, images and video.

The site has to load fast and you have to be able to digest the content in a matter of seconds. Within 3 seconds they should know what to buy and how to buy it.

Optimize For Conversion

Site speed helps with conversion but so does having clear calls to action. However, the action that you ask people to take must align with the action that they want to take.

Copy and images help people know if they want to take the next step. Test and iterate on copy until you get it right. If a visitor isn’t ready to take the step you want them to take, then give them an option to do something a little less intimidating like downloading an info packet or watching a video or talking in the chat.

Let People Book Online

Nothing starts in business until you book an appointment to talk about the sale opportunity. You want them to do they and they know at some level they they must do that. Make it easy for them.

Work with Periodic to design a custom booking workflow on your website and increase lead booking by 150%.

Periodic booking sites reduce no-shows and double closing ratios.