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Reduce No Show Appointments For Your Company


Published June 24, 2021
reduce no show appointments

Written By Hunter Hawley

Reduce No Show Appointments For Your Company

Setting your schedule is one thing. Managing your time is another. How do you plan for the unexpected? Scheduling conflicts arise, things come up, and sometimes your customers (and maybe even you) are a no show and forget an appointment.

No show appointments are understandably a huge pain point for many organizations. Have you ever been ghosted? If your business relies on getting face (or Zoom) time with your customers, chances are you experience it every week. Take the US Healthcare System for example. It loses $150 billion annually to no shows. That’s lost time and money your team will never get back.

  • According to NailsMag the average business within the beauty industry is estimated to experience 5 no shows per week, leading to $100+ million loss in revenue
  • Sales teams average a 20% – 35% no show rate

These statistics are worrying enough, but add in the fact that no shows have cascading negative effects, and the problem only multiplies. So what can you do to reduce no show appointments for your customers and your team?


Automate the Journey with Emails and Text Messages

Have you ever sent an email reminder for a call 5 minutes after the scheduled start time? Have you ever received that email?

“Here’s the Zoom link for our scheduled call (that was supposed to start 8 minutes ago). Let me know if you need to reschedule!”

Instead of hoping for the best, let’s automate the booking journey. Using our custom templates and Email/SMS notification system, Periodic allows you to customize the communication for both your customers and staff.

Let’s break down the communication possibilities for a sales rep.

Meeting is Booked

  • Calendar event is created for both the sales rep and customer, ensuring they don’t get double booked.
  • Customer receives an email with a breakdown of the appointment details and link to a relevant case study. This email is of course customized and sent from your custom domain and includes your organization’s logo, header and footer.
  • Sales rep gets an email to celebrate the booking! This email includes all of the form responses collected from the customer.

5 Days Before the Meeting

  • Customer receives another email as an information primer on the call with another case study or link to an article on your team’s marketing site.

24 Hours Before the Meeting

  • Customer receives a text message reminder of the upcoming call in 24 hours, referencing the time in their timezone so they don’t show up 3 hours early or late.
  • Customer also receives an email to reference the Zoom link automatically populated in the calendar event. This email also includes an embedded reschedule link to grab a different time to avoid ghosting the original time.

20 Minutes Before the Meeting

  • Sales rep gets an SMS ping to do any last minute prep before talking to this customer.
  • Customer receives one last SMS reminder of who they’re talking to and for what purpose.

Immediately After the Call

  • Sales rep rep uses the Check-Out feature to trigger an email to the customer with a thank you and another link and opportunity to book.

This notification system will allow you to overhaul a hidden pain point in your organization by simply automating a few emails and texts with every booked call or appointment. Reduce no show appointments with a white label scheduling solution for your company.