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Planning My Booking System: Questions to Ask


Published November 23, 2019

Written By Brad Wisler

Brad Wisler is the Co-founder and CEO of Periodic. He is a long-time entrepreneur and investor with decades of experience in SaaS and online transactions.

Launching an online booking system is faster than ever with Periodic, but building a solution that streamlines your operations requires up-front planning. Since Periodic is flexible enough to meet even the most stringent scheduling challenges, it’s helpful to consider the following the questions to get the most out of your new booking system.

For a frame of reference, let’s consider Jane, an HR manager at a large manufacturing company. Jane is tasked with planning and scheduling hundreds of job interviews every year.

What’s the current process?

There are two sides to this tale: the external user and the internal user.
When we’re consulting with Jane, we start by breaking down the external user journey and creating a roadmap of their thoughts and interactions with the company. In this instance, the external users are candidates for an engineering position. We start from the moment the candidates turn in their resumes until they reach the final round of interviews.

This helps Jane effectively create an experience that meets and even exceeds user expectations.

Once our external user journey is mapped out, we consider the internal roadmap.

Who needs to be in the room for the first, second, and additional rounds of interviews?
How do the required people share their availability?
Are the interviews in-person, over the phone, or via Skype?
How is the candidate notified of their interview?
When are best times for interviews?
Should any other party (like reception) be notified of a candidates arrival?

With our external and internal user journeys mapped out, we can tackle the next big question.

What is currently the most frustrating challenge I have with scheduling?

For Jane, the biggest challenge was availability settings in periodic with all of the required managers in the final round of interviews. They often provided her little notice of availability, and at times the candidates wouldn’t even get her voice mail until after the window closed.

Answering the above questions will provide great insight for getting the maximum return when launching an online booking system.