How Do I Increase Demo Requests?


Published March 4, 2021

Written By Torlando Hakes

Torlando Hakes is an author and a professional speaker. He serves as the Director of Business Development at Periodic. He is host of the PaintEd Podcast and The CTA Podcast. You can find both on iTunes.

Hey SaaS friend. The above question got your head spinning? I get it. I’m on this crusade with you. There is an answer and the path forward is in your hands. You can take control of this yourself with or without an ad budget and by the end of this article you’ll have a simple framework for booking more demos.

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Building Problem Awareness

Problem awareness is a Demand Gen strategy becoming very popular in social media platforms, primarily LinkedIn and some Facebook, where you as an individual make written and video recorded posts talking about a specific problem that your customers face. This acts as a little teaser to get people to start engaging with you. Short form videos are the most effective right now at this and you want to have some piece of long form content like an article or a longer video podcast that resolves the tension built from leaving that little cliffhanger out there. We call this opening a story loop.

Design A Booking Campaign

A booking campaign is an isolated marketing funnel that pushes the target customer from traffic source to scheduling a demo on your calendar and positioning your company as the guide who is going to show them how to solve their problem. When designing your social media posts and your website you have to think holistically.

Let’s recap.

Step 1: Create problem awareness content for a traffic source.