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Your Brilliant Idea,
Our Custom Booking Engine

Customize Everything—Periodic powers your creativity

Free Your Creativity

Why do some startups fail and others succeed?

Rarely do ideas fail. Failure to launch usually comes from not having the right team in place. Your idea is too good to fall apart but you need a tech team to get this one part right.

Periodic is your tech partner in launching your platform. 

Create Gig Marketplaces

Are you building the next gig economy app? Periodic can provide you with the tech engine to power your gig marketplace.

Sell Time Online

With Periodic you can process payments for things like tours, services, timeslots, and more. Start selling time with online booking.

Quick Startup Cycle

Building your small businesses with the Periodic custom booking engine will help you launch your product this year and get on the path to profitability.

A Trusted Partner

We love startups and we believe that the future of our economy is held in the hands of innovators.

As a company, our founders at Periodic have been immersed in startup culture for decades and we are dedicated to the growth of fresh ideas and budding entrepreneurs.

Software Features

Periodic offers a list of off the shelf features to help large enterprises build their booking systems quickly. Working with our dedicated client success team will help you configure your settings to suit the needs of your company.

Your Branded Experience

You can customize the look and feel of your provider sites with your own logo, the provider’s logo, and a custom color scheme via CSS. Sites can be accessed via your unique domain, or embedded into another site.

Automated Email and SMS Notifications and Reminders

Notify your users of new reservations, and remind them of upcoming reservations with customizable automated email and SMS messages.

Cancel and Reschedule

Our booking sites let users cancel and reschedule upcoming reservations with ease.

Instant Checkout

Find the time slot that works, and reserve it instantly. Our time cart lets customers book all the services they need in one pass.

Preferences and Add-ons

Let users choose who and where they want to book with resource selection or ask them for their preferences using our simple form builder.

Approve or Reject New Reservation Requests

Cautious about opening your doors to just anyone making a reservation? Enable Admin Approval, so your administrators can discern what reservation requests can be confirmed. Customers’ appointments are not finalized with administrative sign-off so you’re never caught off-guard.

Your Organization, Inside and Out

Periodic makes it easy to offer your customer-facing services for booking on the web, but it can also handle your internal scheduling needs like interviews, performance reviews, and room reservations.

Calendar Syncing

Feed booking activity right into your staff’s calendars or block their availability when personal events appear on their calendars. Periodic syncs with all major platforms including Gmail, Exchange, Apple Calendar, and Office 365.

Custom Language Dictionaries

Configure localized languages in a completely customizable dictionary and attach them to your bookable services. 

Optimized for Mobile

All of our booking sites are completely responsive, so the experience is seamless on any device.

Embeddable Booking Sites

A customer booking site with a unique URL is generated for every Provider on a periodic booking system.

Cascading Styles and Business Rules

Bookables and Providers automatically inherit the default styles and rules of their parent Marketplace, but they can always be overridden.

Services, Events, Rentals, and Reservations

Special events, regular services, classes, room or equipment reservations. Any time frame. Any number of participants. Periodic handles them all.

Staff Notifications

Keep stakeholders in the loop on all booking activity with staff email and SMS alerts.

Multi-Location and Omni-channel

With Periodic, you can enable online, in-person, or in-store appointments, and easily create booking sites and bookables to accommodate each option. Periodic was built to power marketplaces and organizations with multiple physical locations.

Custom Scheduling Availability

Create recurring schedules, specific date ranges, or blackout dates. Define specific time slots, or let the system create them on the fly based on your settings.

Resource Dependency

The availability of your services can be tied to the underlying resources that provide them. When your staff or equipment is busy, time slots are removed from inventory.