Scheduling and Automation that Scales

Our checklist workflow enables apartment and property managers to have the tools to automate and streamline their workflows for turning over units and ensuring maintenance requests are completed on time keeping all parties involved.

Solutions for your whole operation.

Periodic builds robust systems to help ensure your have the tools needed to maintain your properties. Enable online, in-person, or on-site appointments with robust options. Periodic was built to power marketplaces and organizations with multiple physical locations.

A Powerful Solution

A healthy sales operation starts with getting customers to your location, but car buyers fear the unknown. They don’t want to just “stop by their local dealer”. There’s no better way to get feet on your lot than offering instant booking of test drives.

Unlimited Reservations

Improve ad performance with instant booking of test drives

Conversion Tracking

Enable conversion tracking by following Leads From Ad > Test Drive > Sale


Drive down cost per appointment by automating scheduling

Appointment Generators

Turn your lead generators into appointment generators


Improve show rate with automated email and text reminders


Streamline your BDC by eliminating the need for scheduling calls

Automotive Case Study

Learn more about customers who are using Periodic to enable instant booking in the auto industry.

Increasing need to provide online options for direct booking of test drives.

Implementing online booking for each vehicle in the Community Cars Inventory.