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Community Cars owns several dealerships across central Indiana. A few years ago after they had completed a major dealership renovation they saw sales drop 60% in March of 2020. The pandemic forced them to think quickly about where they could cut expenses to keep moving their business forward.

Part of their strategy was to lean in to digital marketing, cut expensive traditional ads, and increase engagement through online booking and purchasing.

The Problem

Our world has been turned upside down with Covid-19 leading to a 60% slump in March & April sales. 2020 will likely see a 22% decrease in auto sales.

The Solution

Working together with auto dealerships and auto industry agencies we are putting people back in cars with our Real Time Test Drive booking engine.


People who book test drives online through Periodic are 2x more likely to purchase a car than from any other lead source, effectively doubling business.

“The average consumer spends about 15 hours researching cars online before they make a purchase.  So, if you get an online lead you should be able to convert it because they’ve done so much research.

Online booking is a way for consumers to engage with us first without us having to directly engage them. When a customer uses online booking its a high likelihood of a sale.”

Evan Martin – Community Cars


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Periodic is here to help auto dealers make the shift to booking test drives and selling vehicles online avoiding the old way of back and forth negotiations and gridlock. Book test drives, sales appointments, internal meetings, vehicle service and more all in one powerful platform that can integrate with your other software systems.