API Quick Start Examples

You can use Periodic to add real-time scheduling to your business, application, or marketplace. This page offers some guides for building common applications and workflows with the Periodic API.

In order to make API calls like the ones included in these examples, you’ll need to have your own Periodic marketplace account. If you haven’t created an account, you can create a free hacker account now.

Create a Free Marketplace Account

You’ll also need to authenticate by passing a special header along with each call. The authentication header is a secret key that is generated by hashing your API key and other information that is unique to your marketplace. Read more about our JWT authentication method.

Learn More About Authentication

Once you’ve created your marketplace account and created your special header, you can start making calls to our API. Here are a few examples of some common apps and workflows that users build with Periodic.

Simple Booking App

Build a complete booking app or website using just three API calls.

Reservation Calendar

Make a view to display upcoming reservations.