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Booking System CTOs Can Love


Published May 18, 2016

Written By Brad Wisler

Brad Wisler is the Co-founder and CEO of Periodic. He is a long-time entrepreneur and investor with decades of experience in SaaS and online transactions.
When I need technology to solve a problem, I start by clicking “Try It Now” on a Free Trial. When a CTO looks for technology, needless to say, the strategy is a tad more sophisticated. That’s why Paul O’Neil characterized their job as the ability to “identify, access, [and] investigate high-risk, high-return technologies,” In other words, CTOs ensure technology enables people by aligning with the overall vision. Finding a booking system that meets this standard proves to be an arduous process.

Most booking systems are too stiff to match the unique needs of a business.  Businesses typically have multiple booking needs (appointments, overnight stays, one-time events, classes), and each one has various triggers and unique workflows. Even the most popular booking systems struggle to fit multiple use cases, forcing the use of multiple systems for essentially the same function.  Using multiple booking systems needlessly spends resources, and reduces the effectiveness of valuable reservation data. It requires more training, more support, and a bigger investment– the nightmare keeping CTOs awake tonight.

Business managers may accept the limitations of 3rd party systems, noting incremental improvement. But when a booking system has unicorn-sized return potential, any restriction that causes unnecessary barriers carries more risk than reward. Fail. Your CTO is searching for a flexible solution that propels the organization forward.

Until now, there hasn’t been an online booking system on the market that’s taken the same approach as Twilio or Stripe.

Historically when booking is central to an operation, companies choose to build their own system. Airbnb, Homejoy, and others have done it. Even though those same companies turned to 3rd party tech for mission critical work like Twilio SMS or Stripe Payments. Until now, there hasn’t been an online booking system on the market that’s taken the same approach as Twilio or Stripe. That’s why so many CTO’s are intrigued by Periodic. It’s the first online booking system that helps align the product with vision, speeds up time to market, and works with existing code.

CTO’s love that Periodic is structured for the big picture.

The underpinning of Periodic is a creative, intelligently designed REST API that maximizes flexibility. With an API-powered white-label, Periodic lets the organization decide how big of an initial investment to make without sacrificing long-term scalability. There’s never been a 3rd party booking system with such high reward potential throughout an organization. Finally, a booking system CTOs want to try.