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3 Strategies To Compete Against Other SaaS Competitors In The Same Product Category


Published February 21, 2021

Written By Nathan Furr

Creative Director at Periodic. Hobbyist woodworker and musician with a love for finding, restoring, and reusing old things.

Brand isn’t just for Coke.

I’ve heard people claim that branding only matters if you’re Coke. For a sales person, this is some seriously flawed fatalistic thinking. The idea that a sales person can white knuckle their way to million dollar in ARR deals without both a company brand behind them and a well developed personal brand is probably the worst thing that the executive team can think about what is possible with sales. At that point you’re banking on lightening striking.

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Expertise Is The Under-looked Differentiator In SaaS Sales

Many of the low cost products out there rely on self-service, self-onboarding, and self-optimization. This is because at 10 dollars a month, you aren’t a profitable user if they spend any time talking to you at all and you have to rely on volume for profitability. Not as easy as it sounds. In early stages, your company may not know if it’s self-service or if it’s more support heavy. Complexity, more features, greater configuration ability, and the more scalable it’s built for the size of the customer’s business, the more expertise is required from your sales and customer success team surrounding the problem customers are trying to solve.

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If You Confuse You Lose

Borrowed from the StoryBrand mantra, “if you confuse you lose.” Clarity wins. End of story. Where people giving demos go wrong is they throw every tool in the tool bag at the prospect all at once. But you don’t need to show off every tool in the tool bag.