100 Ways You Can Use Periodic


Published April 20, 2018

Written By Brad Wisler

Brad Wisler is the Co-founder and CEO of Periodic. He is a long-time entrepreneur and investor with decades of experience in SaaS and online transactions.

Let Car Shoppers Book Test Drives

Let SaaS Prospects Book Software Demos

Let Students Book Office Hours

Let Patients Book Exams

Let Homeowners Book Lawn Care

Let Customers Book Factory Tours

Let Job Applicants Book Interview Times

Let Customers Book Consultations

Let Staff Reserve Meeting Rooms

Let Homeowners Book Cleaning Services

Let Conference Attendees Book Breakout Sessions

Let Staff Book Performance Reviews

Let Parents Book Campus Tours

Let Students Book Music Lessons

Let Homeowners Book Appliance Installations

Let Travelers Book Excursions

Let Members Book Private Rooms

Periodic is the ultimate automation platform.

As organizations grow, manual scheduling drags them down. Periodic allows organizations to stay nimble by deploying instant booking for widely varying uses, both internal and customer-facing.

By tying directly to your staff’s calendars and layering sophisticated business logic, Periodic unlocks instant booking for your entire organization – sales, HR, facilities, account management, IT, and more. Because Periodic is 100% white label, it conforms to your brand as well as your business processes.

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