About Periodic

We’re geeked about booking. We love making software. Periodic was born at SproutBox, where 30 other software companies got their start. After building so many systems ourselves, we built periodic to make building your system easier. Meet our leadership team:

How We Got To Now

Early 2009

SproutBox Launches ScheduleThing
ScheduleThing now has more than 7,000 users. It’s a self-service scheduling app for 1 to 1 appointment needs.

February 2014

Wisler & Herring begin work on Periodic
Set out to create a developer-friendly booking system that could meet end-to-end scheduling needs.

December 2014

Launched Periodic
Established API partnerships, and began an invite-only beta to the first ever booking engine.

August 2015

Indiana University Goes Live
A partnership with Indiana Univeristy produced a booking application that enables faculty across departments to offer real-time scheduling for testing centers, office hours, and more.

September 2015

Accepted into FounderFuel
Made the journey to Montreal for the 2015 Fall Cohort of FounderFuel.

November 2015

Launched Self-service Signup
Now out of Beta, new users are able to publish custom booking systems in minutes.