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Optimizing Images for Your Booking Site

Why it's important to make your images web ready: Your booking site is an vital piece of your business and most importantly, your customer experience. If customers are unable to load your booking site quickly, the chances of them continuing in the process are reduced...

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Google Analytics Tracking With Periodic

Why Tracking Is Important When it comes to your website, nothing is set and forget. Even if you have great metrics, you're continuously running tests to see if you can improve. Your scheduling system is no different. It's essential to know how well your booking site...

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Setting Up GTM Triggers On Your Booking Site

Deploy Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics On Your Periodic Marketplace Deploying Google Tag Manager and Analytics is an important step to tracking and deploying tags and triggers across your entire marketplace. If you have not yet completed these steps, please...

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Deploying GTM and GA on your Periodic Marketplace

Deploying Google Tag Manager On Your Periodic Marketplace Deploying Google Tag Manager is an important step to tracking and deploying tags and triggers across your entire marketplace. In a few easy steps, you can deploy GTM across all of your booking pages. Navigate...

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Product Update: June 2019

June 11, 2019Product Update v1.9.28What’s New?The Connected Calendars option on the Resource page has been moved! It's now located just below the Basic Information. We've also hidden the advanced settings (Resource Capacity, Value Capacity, Tags, Capacity Mode)...

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Passing Data to Forms with URL Parameters

When integrating the Periodic Booking Site into another website or application, you may want to pass data along in order to prevent redundant data entry. URL parameters are a helpful way to do this. Values passed to the Booking Site via URL parameters can...

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Product Update: April 2019

April 23, 2019 PRODUCT UPDATE v1.9.26 RELEASE What’s New? Calendar updates! In certain cases, when substituting one required Resource for another within a Bookable, reservations would post to the original Resource’s calendar. This has been fixed. We’ve also made an...

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Release Notes v1.9.20 (2019-01-29)

We’re almost there! As Periodic creates a new Dashboard Interface, the team is hard at work improving the booking experience for administrators and customers. The Calendar Reservation view through the Dashboard is updated to include simultaneous reservations showing...

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Release Notes v1.9.18 (2018-12-18)

What's New The Reservation Creation window will now open when selecting a timeslot in the Reservation Calendar view on the Dashboard Rescheduling on the Dashboard will now open a modal on the Dashboard rather than redirecting to the Booking Site Changes made in...

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Release Notes v1.9.17 (2018-12-4)

  What's New Customer Profiles to now include phone number and notes fields Improvements to Calendar reservation view to load faster and include new loading indicator Marketplace default email setting created to give users the ability to change sender information...

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Release Notes v1.9.16 (2018-11-20)

What's New Preview card removed on the Bookable creation wizard Migration of all Providers and Bookables under new IP Range system Customer Groups existing on specific Providers will no longer show on all other Providers Creating reservations through the Dashboard...

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Financial Report

The Financial Report provides any and all information on transactions across the Marketplace. It opens the opportunity to search by date, customer email, transaction ID, Bookable, status, payment method, and balance. This feature also offers the chance to print PDF or...

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